East side iz de best.

Ali G fans might enjoy this one: “Respeck.”


"You forgot to attach the file!"

Yikes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted… and to think for the first 9 months of this blog, I think I posted every single day. I guess I just don’t have that much content and I wore it out early… but in reality I think it’s more due to my new working arrangement and…


Search my archives

I set up a search box on the left, following David’s instructions. I tried to use MSN, but MSN apparently doesn’t support the ‘inurl’ keyword which I wanted to use in order to restrict the search results to my blog instead of including my comments on other people’s blogs. If anyone knows how to force…


The best new sci-fi show in… forever

I really hate new TV shows. I have such a hard time getting interested in the characters and the plotline, I dislike watching awkward moments (I call them “Judy Blumes”) and I’m easily bored by formula (did you hear the one about the Law & Order episode where two [children/men/women] are walking down the [street/hallway/alley]…



I’ve had a bunch of interesting things I stumbled on filed away in my ‘to blog’ folder for ages and haven’t gotten around to writing about them, so here’s a quick list: From http://www.technologyreview.com: “Visit Amazon Light at www.kokogiak.com/amazon4, and you’ll see a plain search box that allows you to locate any product in Amazon.com’s…