Cheat Sheets

While ego surfing I just ran across this handy list of cheat sheets that I wanted to share. Covers topics from HTML to networking to office apps to keyboard shortcuts to SCSI to math. Handy.


What’s the real RTM date? C’mon, you can tell me…

With Exchange 2003 SP2 around the corner (check out the CTP!), the emails have started coming: “When will you ship? I mean the real ship date.” Release managers get a ton of them, they are often sent to the internal product’s distribution lists, and if you happen to work on a product team and send…


The Three Dastardly D’s: Derailing a Discussion on a Distribution list

Over the last three or four years I’ve seen an increasing trend here at MS: complaints about off-topic discussions on DLs. A thread will start out on a DL and (since we’re all human), at some point (if the thread is interesting and complex enough), someone will reply with a thought that veers off in…


I guess I’m a software snob

But boy, do I wish that Safeway would prioritize the featureset of their website better… specifically, they need to prioritize “Stuff KC wants” at the top. Their search engine – i.e. the way I find 90% of the things I’m looking for when shopping for groceries online – tries to be smart. It shouldn’t. I…


Finding a user with ldp.exe in a large container

A while back I posted on how to use ldp.exe to look up a user in the AD. I left out an important part, which I learned today thanks to the tireless Nino Bilic. In any LORG, the list of users in a given container is likely to be so large that browsing the tree…


Settlers of Catan!

Play Settlers online at I love this game! Haven’t played in years. Just wasted two hours playing online 🙂 Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the blog on which I found this to give proper credit, sorry!


No one forgets the spanish inquisition!

If you were a BBS geek 10-15 years ago and used to play Infinity Complex (I played it on a MajorBBS BBS, not sure if it was available for others), you might be happy to know that it’s still around; an old friend of mine dug up the guy with the source and it’s running…


Configure Sharepoint 2003 to store versions of your documents

My relationship with Sharepoint is a love/hate story. I’ve been using it since its original incarnation as the “departmental server” many years ago (trivia: and it was built on the Exchange store), but not heavily until the last year or two with SPS 2003. The first six months I [was forced to] use it, I…


Convert DVD .VRO files to AVI

The picture in the last post is a still from our ultrasound at 20 weeks. We also got a video (on this kind of oblong thing, they called it “VHS” but it wouldn’t fit into our DVD player), which a coworker graciously converted into a DVD for me. The DVD has a .VRO file on…


Just gotta share…

I realize I’ve posted more personal stuff than tech stuff lately, but I just can’t resist sharing this: I love technology.