Windows Phone tip: Use emoticons when texting/IMing

  If you’re a visual person, you may enjoy using emoticons – in this example I used (B) and (C): See a list of possible ones here and here. At some point I need to put together a movie script told entirely in emoticons… I’ll put that on my bucket list.


Windows Phone Tip: Keep your own skydrive album of great wallpapers

  <insert obligatory “I haven’t blogged in so long, so sorry! I’ll try to be better! etc etc> Today I ran across this awesome set of superhero wallpapers, which reminded me of a great “lifehack” for windows phone that I’ve been using for the last year that I wanted to share. I like to change…


Photo book of photos taken with WP7

  I made a Shutterfly photo book of photos I’ve taken with WP7 phones running Mango in the last few months and made a photo book with some of my favorites. Some of them are artsy, some funny, some family, etc. Several of them were edited with apps (I like Pictures Lab and Bubblegum, myself).


Aww yeah, baby.


T minus 2 days to Windows Mobile 7 announcement

Been busting my butt for the last year on this. Looking forward to Monday:  


Love in the time of software-a

I have been using two pieces of software a lot lately: the zune client, and Win7. And today I found myself having two very different but still highly emotional reactions to both pieces of software. One was like an instant huge crush-on-first-sight, the other was like a slow-burning love affair that grows over time. The…


What would this be, a bleet?

I apparently haven’t had anything to say that’s longer than 140 characters lately. Sorry 🙂


And continuing on that thought…

I was playing around with, added some photos… and clicked on the very nice large bolded “Upload” word twice before realizing that it was simply happy text, trying to guide me towards the upload button. Aghhh.

Bad design is everywhere

I was trying to paypal some money to my sister a minute ago, and I sat at the payment page wondering what I’d done wrong. A one minute task suddenly took five minutes as I scratched my head and clicked around to see what I’d missed. Here’s what I saw – can you figure out…