Photo book of photos taken with WP7


I made a Shutterfly photo book of photos I’ve taken with WP7 phones running Mango in the last few months and made a photo book with some of my favorites. Some of them are artsy, some funny, some family, etc. Several of them were edited with apps (I like Pictures Lab and Bubblegum, myself).


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, those are some impressive photos – I'm impressed you took them with Windows Phone 7 devices! 🙂

  2. Luis Madaleno says:


    The hardware you use isn't for sure an HTC HD7.

    Can you please tell me what phone do you have?

    I also am trying Mango, and I love it. It's amazing!

    But I have an HTC HD7 and the camera is very very bad. Almost every picture is unusable.


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