OK, Sean. I accept your challenge.

Since you asked… 130 words (currently position 1209 of 423595) When I was in college, I once broke some piece of my machine, this sweet Gateway P-100 (I chose to wait a few extra weeks until the P-100 came out, I didn’t want to get that slow-arse P-90). I was on the phone with a…


Dancing concallers

OK, any softies… check this one out, it’s making the rounds. I am dying laughing. Guys… that was great. Thank you for putting yourself out there and giving the rest of us a laugh. And nice touch wearing The Blue Shirt. 🙂


It’s the little things

The Shane Company has a great example of a slick usability trick in their print-out ring sizer, for you to see which size ring you need, they have pictures of coins and a ruler on the printout so you can ensure that the printout wasn’t scaled to an inaccurate size: Very simple, but very nice….


Trying to enforce meaningless rules in your UI: Bad

  On http://shop.lego.com, while trying to check out, I got to this UI for filling out my account information: Guess what, folks… my first name is initials. The only place you’ll see or hear "Kathryn" is when my mom is very angry at me, or on my driver’s license. It had no impact, either -…


The power of words

I have worked in UX for over a year now, and nearly every single day, I learn something new from my team or from work we’re doing about how to improve the user experience. One of the general principles we try to operate on is of course the classic “K.I.S.S.”: Keep It Simple, Stupid… unfortunately…


Is reading dead?

Frank Shaw asks. When I was a kid, all of my friends’ parents tried to get them to read more. My parents, on the other hand, were regularly annoyed with me because I would bring a book to every social event I ever attended. There was even the time that my parents forced me to…

Finally, a Microsoft ad campaign I can get behind.

The Windows Server & Home Server teams have done some fantastic advertising campaigns recently, as pointed out in this article. Serious, serious kudos to the people behind those campaigns. They’re clever, but they get the point across. I always learn better when I’m smiling at the same time. I wonder what effect they’re having in…


Happy To Me

My husband outdid himself this year… he got me a Garmin Forerunner 305, a running watch that has a built-in GPS and heart rate monitor and a bunch of other goodies to help with tracking your progress in outdoor running. I’ve really been enjoying running (which I picked up as part of the 20/20 program…