How to make better software for users? Here’s to so-called "soft" skills and fewer jerks.

I had a discussion with someone today who said something like “It’s amazing how much of the process of software development isn’t about software, it’s just about communication and cross-group collaboration”. My response was that “Actually that’s not amazing to me – what’s amazing to me is how many people don’t realize that’s what it comes…


User behavior will *always* (eventually) trump technology

The Seattle PI recently posted about recent changes in the numbers of unique visitors for the major email services such as hotmail, yahoo, gmail, QQ, etc. According to that data, hotmail lost some users. From the first comment: I can’t say I’m surprised. I have email accounts with hotmail, yahoo and google. Hotmail is the…


Design is everywhere

Well, OK, not everywhere. It’s missing in this bathroom. See if you can spot the design flaw in this bathroom stall at a local restaurant: I must have missed the sign on the door:     I have been a fan of CakeWrecks for a long time, I am mighty tempted to start up a…


Hooray for clipart

Gee. That image just immediately brings home to me that here I am at the front door of the company store, where I can buy Microsoft products at discount prices. 🙂 Look at them kaaaraaaazy, wacky kids, talking about Microsoft software!