Run half marathon: check

I posted a couple of months ago about signing up for my first half marathon... and I ran it last week. About 2 hours, 20 minutes... didn't stop running the entire time[1]. I'd like to say that two hours later I was out on the town wearing high heels like Katie Holmes, but that would be a lie: I was passed out in bed.

Here's me about 8 or 9 miles in:

And afterward... this was taken shortly after I kissed the ground, I believe, and my daughter promptly plopped down into my tired, sore[2] lap:

I think that running a half marathon is like getting married. While at the reception, people congratulate you on the wedding... and then promptly ask you when you're having kids. It was only a few hours after the HM before I got my first "So - that was nice and all, but... are you going to run a full marathon now?"[4].

[1] I am not counting the 5 seconds at each of 5 water stops where I walked long enough to chug my cup of water, a strategy I chose after running through the first water stop and nearly choking.
[2] Achy[3]
[3] Insert another form of pained adjective
[4] Because you know, anybody can go run 13.1 miles, that's practically wuss-ville, but it's only the real runners who run 26.2[5]
[5] Knowing full well that the day I finish my first full marathon, I am going to be asked if I'm going to sign up for an ultra.

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