Exchange team, innovating in content delivery yet again

It wasn't enough to be the first product team at microsoft to start a team blog, oh no no... We didn't stop there. We recently branched out into song.



[Update 8/11: Todd Bishop blogged about this on his Seattle PI Microsoft blog too. Way to go, David!]

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  1. Luke Puplett says:

    I don’t really know how to get feedback you didn’t ask for into MS (it’s all changed since I worked there), alot comes out but its hard to poke something into the MS fish bowl. So I’m posting an off topic comment.

    I recently read that MS labs had developed a Pause button in the new mail check for OL07, and a prioritizer, too. The problem of raking email all day obviously being researched by the vendors, I have an idea (try to remember insanity|genius)…

    Having virtual credits and charging per recipient is my suggestion for reducing the 9-5 email blizzard.

    The problem as I see it is with office culture and the ease in which we can increase the audience of our ‘productivity’ by emailing lots of people all day long (and sometimes as late in the working day as we can).

    We need to be motivated to pinpoint the precise people that benefit from our communications, and not lazily scattershot a load of tenuous stakeholders. This is how I think when I email something; "Yeah I know a couple a guys in ‘London Network Team’ that’d want to know about that. Another 12 recipients will see that I’m a smartass. And forget the two students and the team secretary, and those 6 guys from Mitel won’t understand the message but hey. SEND."

    I need to be forced to go to my boss to explain why I spent all my credits.

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