Enjoying microspotting

I've been reading http://www.microspotting.com ever since my coworker Alex (aka carpenter-turned-test-manager) was profiled a while back. Great writing, beautiful photography, fun quirky looks at a bunch of Microsoft employees.

Alex's profile is a great reminder of how many different backgrounds people have - he's not the only former carpenter in the team, for one. Another incredibly technical PM I've worked with for years majored in Zoology. Last year I hired a user researcher with a PhD in... well some kind of high-falutin' word I don't even remember, but his thesis was about some kind of enzyme in some kind of gland in some kind of songbird's brain [1]. And as for me, well I was a boring-old CS major... before I dropped out and came here instead. 🙂

[1] Also important and worth mentioning: he's really, really, really tall [2] [3]
[2] 6'8"
[3] A fact of which the entire team has a few jollies about [4]
[4] Because tall jokes never get old [5]
[5] Especially when you report to a five feet tall shrimp

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