I can't wait until the law against using cellphones while driving goes into effect in Washington state.

Tomorrow is Mother's day. It was also a day on which I was planning to run my first half-marathon, which I have been training for for months.

Yesterday I worked out in the morning, and at the end of the day David and I decided to go bike and pick up the kids from school in the trailer to squeeze in an extra workout.

Like most pacific northwesterners, we actually pay attention to street signals and so during the ride there, we patiently waited until we had the WALK sign and right of way on a busy intersection.

When I was halfway across the intersection, an idiot in the right-hand lane pulled out, covering the entire crosswalk, chatting away on a cellphone and not even looking my way.

I braked fast in order to not slam into her car, fell down, and my bike fell on top of me. And in the process, I banged up my knee - which now hurts when I put pressure on it, so I can't @*#$(@#$ run my @#)$@ half marathon anymore.

I couldn't help but think of Frank who finished 65% of a marathon recently...

Argh. Argh. Argh.

Comments (3)

  1. Tommy McLeod says:

    I can only imagine how frustrating that would be.  I hope the bang up doesn’t keep you down long!

  2. Jimmy D says:

    We already have that law here in Australia and sadly it hs not stopped the ignorant from continuing to use their mobiles while driving. I think you found one of those people that day and am sorry to say the habit will not change everyone’s attitude only your police force enforcing the law with gusto will do that.

  3. vinay says:

    We have that law in India.. but very few follow it here.

    In India,As long as one does not meet with accident, he thinks he is invincible.

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