It’s not true unless it’s in a document

Raymond recently blogged about having to repeat himself multiple times in the same thread, answering the same question asked in different ways by the same person. It reminded me of one of my favorite old Exchange team stories:

On an internal technical DL about Exchange (I think in the e2k3 development phase but I don't remember for sure), someone in the field asked a question about how something in Exchange worked or whether or not a certain scenario was supported. A PM on the team (who shall remain nameless but to make the story flow easier i'll call him "Baul Powden" which I assure you is a completely fictitious name) replied on the thread answering the question.

The field guy replied all and said "That's all very well and good, but my customer must have this in a document. Is there a document that describes this?"

So Baul Powden selected his sent item, copied the contents to the clipboard, started winword.exe and pasted the contents in, and attached said document to the mail thread with a chipper:

Here you go.


Baul Powden

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  1. TKS – depends on what client you use to view them both… if you have outloon on both sides you can probably set up a rule that auto-forwards meeting requests, for example…

  2. Nick – ooh! Can you email it to me (kclemson at microsoft dot com)? I want to archive that one off for posterity =)

  3. Anonymous says:

    …but the time has come. 11 years at Microsoft, all of them in the Outlook & Exchange teams, and

  4. Anonymous says:


    How can I have personal appointments appear on both my work calendar and personal calendar?

    Thanks for your time.


  5. nick says:

    Ha!  I remember that and probably still have the email.  Good times 🙂

  6. Robert G says:

    I know BPowden, and he would NEVER do anything like that!

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