Now *that’s* a user scenario…

Try this. Open up word, make sure automatic spellchecking is on, and type in the names of some star wars characters:




I love it. They're in the dictionary... except, for some reason, for Leia. For the ones it does know, it even capitalizes the first letter for you if you type it lower case.


But never fear, we shall get Leia in there eventually... at one point I was prompted to send up feedback on which words were getting spellchecked, presumably to figure out what to include in future versions of the dictionaries:


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  1. Igor Levicki says:


    How about R2-D2 and C3PO? Droideka? Senator Palpatine? Nar Shadda? Alderan? Wookie? Jedi? …scratches head… Bobba Fett?

    File those in too 🙂

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