OK, Sean. I accept your challenge.

Since you asked...

130 words

(currently position 1209 of 423595)

When I was in college, I once broke some piece of my machine, this sweet Gateway P-100 (I chose to wait a few extra weeks until the P-100 came out, I didn't want to get that slow-arse P-90). I was on the phone with a great Gateway support guy, and was waiting for him to look something up... and he said "Are you making popcorn?". It took me a minute to figure out what he was talking about - he just heard me typing on my keyboard, one of those old-style super clickety ones.

There was also the time when I was a freshman in high school and had to take a typing course (it got me out of PE for a semester, so I was thrilled - of course this was 15 years before my whole health kick). The first week of the class, we all took a typing test on these supa-sweet selectrics. We came in the next day and there was a little "mileage" meter at the top of one of the walls that went from 0-40 MPH, and cars with each kid's initials on it. I looked all around and couldn't find my car, and I remember being really sad for some reason. I asked the teacher about it, and she pointed out how the mileage marker actually continued on the next wall, and then the next one after that, where my little car sat by itself.

Let's just say my popularity career in high school got off to a super-speedy start after that.

I don't know why I type so fast. It's not something I ever particularly practiced, I suppose having no social life outside of BBSes for most of junior high and high school helped get me off to an early start. When you're coding, you can go at your own speed... but chatting is a different thing entirely.

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  1. jen smith says:

    lol – i remember always bragging on you typing 125 words a minute in junior high…nice to see you still have it!

  2. Keith says:

    Its all about the chat.  My typing speed took off when I started IRCing.  I knew how to type, but I had no reason for speed until then.  My accuracy also went way way way up.

    Once I get this bandaid off my finger, I’ll do the speed test.  (Damn snowblower bit me!)

  3. Igor says:

    Wow… I can reach only 52 words per minute. But that is mostly typing with left hand. My right hand is pretty retarded.

  4. karen says:

    You have hit on one of the popularity features of chat software…speed = success. What other social environment leads to that? Track team, I suppose.

    But very interesting. I don’t type anywhere near that fast (I’ll do the test in a min) but I do tell people often of my sister who types in ‘chunks’ – it’s like you type complete words at once. And what’s amazing to me is that it’s continued. I suppose you continue to type a lot, but think about it – isn’t the style of typing you do now a lot different, the empahsis on speed is lower (though of course it’s nice to burn through a hundred email replies in 10 mins.) But you’re still fast. Doesn’t that make you go huh?

  5. karen says:

    The verdict – somewhere above 90 wpm but not exceeding 95. 😉 I do want to cry foul that "Indian" is one of the most commonly used English words. In what hemisphere? And in what context? It was the only capitalized word I think and I encountered it twice in my 3 passes through the test. Fun, though. better that some others I have done that don’t permit correcting your mistakes – brutal when you’re accustomed to backing up over your quick typos that you see (since you can touch type and all.) Probably a holdover from the selectric days. 😉

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