I am thinking there's a lot of comedic potential here, for exchange geeks like me at least. 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    …but the time has come. 11 years at Microsoft, all of them in the Outlook & Exchange teams, and

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    One new subscriber from Anothr Alerts

  3. Anonymous says:


    I have many many many suggestions for improving exchange 2003. some seem to be covered in the upcoming release of SP1. We have a call center as part of our business and there are several “shared mailboxes” that our entire call center has a need to access.

    In exchange 2003 we were able to grant access permissions to these mailboxes based upon security group membership. This was also easily done right from active directory users and computers MMC after installing the exchange management tools.

    This feature is completely missing from exchange 2007. In the GUI for exchange 2007 we can only add the receive as permission. Also the CLI lets you add additional permissions using the –users switch but gone is the ability to control access based upon group membership. Also gone is the easy GUI interface for managing these permissions. Somewhere I saw it suggested that you could use group names with the –user switch, but what if you have a group AND a user with the same name. Say for example you had a call center mailbox named call center, and a security group also named call center.

    That was never a problem with prior versions of exchange.

    In exchange 2003 we used active directory users and computers, then selected the exchange advanced tab, then the mailbox access tab. This allowed us to easily configure mailbox access based upon user level access and also GROUP membership access.

    This is the preferred method as we just need to keep the group membership updated as opposed to running a new script of power shell commands against exchange every time someone leaves or joins the workforce.

    That level of active directory integration and ease of administration needs to be returned. We feel we have lost features and abilities in the upgrade and are left wondering what we spent all this money on licensing for if we lost features compared to what we already had.

    This complete lack of support for these features has forced us to keep a exchange 2003 server in our environment just to have them. I sincearly hope this is added to exchange 2007, else we will be looking at how to best perform a roll back to exchange 2003.

    Thank you


  4. Andy Grogan says:

    I was thinking;

    "We heard that Microsoft is always ‘Cat Fooding’ its staff can we join the team???"

    – Ok its rubbish, but it made me giggle!


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