I just joined the 20/20 program at the proclub in order to get myself into shape, and as part of my workouts I've taken up running which - shockingly - I am enjoying. I still suck at it and can't run for long at a time but after two weeks I can tell I'm already getting better, and boy is it great exercise.

One thing I've found very motivating is the few songs on my zune that match the pace of my feet perfectly - Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" for example. When that song is playing, I all of a sudden have a much easier time running.

I've been browsing the zune marketplace looking for more good songs for running and wishing that there was an attribute on the songs that represented the speed of beats... and then I found which does exactly that! Hooked up to iTunes (unfortunately for me), but at least it helps me find the right songs. Super super cool app.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My husband outdid himself this year… he got me a Garmin Forerunner 305 , a running watch that has a

  2. Dr. Bob says:

    Thanks, KC, for your great prop of And congratulations on discovering the wonders of music-paced running.

    About the Zune, I’m providing links to Rhapsody for the more recent songs I’ve added. If you subscribe to Rhapsody you can download the MP3s for the Zune from there. Also, Google led me to this site for converting iTunes files to MP3s: The other trick, which you may know, is to burn the iTunes songs to a CD and then transfer them to the Zune as they will be MP3s after the burn.

    Please check out the JogTunesIndie Podcast at It’s an MP3 so I believe you can put it on the Zune. I’d really like your input about the show.

    Meanwhile happy music-paced running.

    Dr. Bob for indoor cycling

  3. Jen Smith says:

    Hey KC – one old standby is just about everything by the Doobie Brothers – perfect pacing beat.  Way to go by the way – so proud of you (sniff sniff)


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