Don’t fail me now, zune…


I have been meaning to buy a bunch of the tracks from Guitar Hero and add them to my zune. So I finally get around to it tonight.

I click on the 'sign in' button in zune.

Progress bar...

Now it brings me to a page with zune support on it, and a list of FAQs... nowhere is there a hint of an error message, a link to a log file, or any useful information I can use to troubleshoot why I can't log in.

I can log in to other Live ID sites fine, including IM. The usual suspect of a restart didn't even fix it.

I know how to troubleshoot - but dangitall, it's so much easier to do with an error of some sort! Now i'm going to have to spelunk around the web on "fail to log on" "can't log on" "log on problems" etc etc. I hate that!

[Update: Wahoo. "Resetting DRM" on some randomly named msft website fixed it. For the record, I adore my zune (never owned an ipod, my last mp3 player was a Rio Cali) and agree with this article.]

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