Ideas for new Outlook macros?

An email with a coworker who was recently acquired and is getting accustomed to Outlook after years with PINE reminded me that it's been a while since I wrote any Outlook macros. Plus, I just need an excuse to write some code, I haven't written any in several months and that part of my brain is congealing into a gelatinous blob (oh wait, it's already a gelatinous blob - doh). My last Outlook macro to easily get at the internet headers of messages was super well received (I'm still tickled pink over Devin's "insanely useful" moniker), and so I thought I'd ask my readers if you had any ideas for another macro I could write.

In particular I'm wondering if there are any macros that might be useful to Exchange admins or helpdesk folks as they troubleshoot problems, which is I assume how people are using the last one. I'm a complete hobbyist developer - I only code to solve problems I or other people have. But boy it is fun to turn around quick little macros to help people be more productive or prevent oopses.

Got any ideas, post 'em here and i'll see what I can do...

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Here’s an idea. A Macro that would copy your current Outlook Signature to Outlook Web Access. I’ve been trying to find where the Outlook Web Access Signatures are stored in both 2003 and 2007 exchange (some hidden message in the mailbox perhaps?), but I don’t have the answer to that, as much as I want it.

    Perhaps even include some options that only an exchange admin can set such as max signature length (You could use OWAAdmin in 2003, but there doesn’t seem to be an OWAAdmin for 2007…yet)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Publishing Exchange Client Access with ISA 2006 – The Complete Solution (Part 2) Monitoring Exchange

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have a need for a macro that can delete all appointments by date range and category. I will be importing data from an outside program and have no ability to ‘merge’ the data into Exchange, so I want to delete all appointments from given category each morning.  If you or someone is able and willing to create this Macro and test it with me I would gladly pay a fee for it (I hope this is ok to say on this site).


  4. AntGut says:

    How about a startup macro to "Publish to GAL" if the user has not done so already or the currently published certs are expired?

    Most of the end-users I’ve dealt with in 12 years of working DoD (predominantly Army and Air Force) have difficulty following directions on their own even with step-by-step images, etc. "Publish to GAL" is only about 7 clicks and yet it is "too much effort" or "confusing".

    In the past, encrypting email was not a big issue and rarely done (except in DMS; yes I went there), but as CAC is becoming king of authentication new policies are dictating that all official email be not only signed but encrypted (especially if it contains personal info such as SSN).

    So this little macro would be ‘very’ helpful for those of us "on the ground" with the customers (e.g, DoD, Army, AF, N/MC teams).

    — AntGut

  5. Steve Tibbett says:

    I have a suggestion – and maybe it’s not an appropriate use of a macro, I’m not sure, but it’s something I’d really like to have – a way to have deleted messages automatically moved to an archive folder.

    I’ve been using Gmail for my personal mail and I love the way I click "Archive" instead of "Delete" and the message disappears, but it’s still searchable.

    Neither the Vista desktop search nor Google Desktop Search search in the Deleted Items folder, and even if they did, I have to keep clearing things out of it. because of the quota limit.

    What I’ve been doing is manually moving messages from Deleted Items into an Archived Mail 2007.pst but I’d like to have this whole process automated.

    Actually what I’d really like is to have a message moved there when I hit the Del key.

    Maybe there’s an easy way to do this but I haven’t run across it..

  6. dbt says:

    was he super excited that it was insanely useful?

  7. Helena Silver says:

    Is it possible to create a warning that pops up when you click on "reply all". Perhaps it could say "Do you REALLY want to embarrass yourself in front of ALL these people?". This would save me from repeating a very embarrassing moment at work, which I’m sure we’ve all done, or nearly done.

  8. Murali says:

    I have two accounts – 1 IMAP and 1 Exchange configured in Outlook. Every time I send an email, I need to select the Account from the "Accounts" list in the Toolbar. Many times I forget to select the correct Account when sending an email.

    It would be great to have a macro that presents me with a way to select the Account I plan to send this email from when I hit the "Send" button, if that is possible.



  9. Todd says:

    I’d be interested in a Macro that would automatically unzip any WinZipped files attached to any messages received into a particular folder, and put them into some directory.  Or, a skeleton that would supply syntax to call a ‘generic’ application, and I could customize it for WinZip.

    Would that be of any use to anybody else too?


  10. Frank Schubert says:

    I have a suggestion.  The Federal Trade Commission has an e-Mail address that you can use to forward and report SPAM.  It is and is documented on the web page:

    The FTC is building a database of SPAM that can be used to help track down SPAMmers and prosecute them.

    The trick is that when you forward the e-Mail to them you need to grab the headers from the original e-Mail address in the body before you send it to them.  I would like to see a macro that will grab all of the e-Mail in my Junk folder, grab the internet headers, and then forward the e-Mail including the headers in body of the message.  This macro also needs to grab the original receipient and forward the e-Mail coming from this receipient and sending it back out through the original Outlook account.

    I do this by hand right now for mine, which is not too significant.  But several of my people receive tons of SPAM because I have public e-Mail addresses that we use to receive e-Mail from customers.  They receive far too much to do this by hand.

    Assuming that the FTC and law enforcement is actually using this to look for SPAMmers, this macro could make it very easy for people to help the FTC build the database, thus allowing them to identify and find SPAMmers.

    I have tried this, but I am not very proficient at VBA macro programming.  To say the least, I have not been successful.




  11. Larry says:

    I’ve seen add-ins etc, but would like to see a macro that I could use/modify for my own purposes.  Perhaps something that you could choose what criterian to use to determine if the email are a match.

  12. Filer says:

    I am the filer-sort of email user("How do you manage your mail?"

    I would like to see a macro that copies all emails from a specific year given by the user to an archive (year.pst), keeping the folder structure. This would prevent the pst from turning too big and still make it easy to find the information.

  13. ML49448 says:

    How about a macro that would move the current message selection to the Next / Previous UNREAD message in the current folder?

    This is a feature in so many other email readers, I can’t believe its not in Outlook.  


  14. kate4 says:

    Hi. I would like to be able to set a macro to automatically forward messages I receive from a certain person to another person BUT with a covering email that I can design myself that gives the person to whom I am forwarding the mail a set of instructions to go with it. Is that possible?

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