Quality in action

Last July, I ran this search:


and got 4 results.

Today, I am honored and proud to be able to say... we are now down to two. This, dear reader, is quality in action! -->

Animation and Timing
Even a simple animation can enhance a user interface design. Timers and storyboards allow you to control animations by synchronizing text, images, and steaming media in a defined time line.

Internet Security Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000: Deployment for ...
A broad range of new or enhanced features – including RAM caching, optimized cache store, symmetric multiprocessing support, steaming media support and more – make ISA Server a far more effective ...

Now the number of hits returned on this search, on the other hand, is downright embarrassing... although I have to admit how cool it is that the official documentation for Office has that word in it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    …but the time has come. 11 years at Microsoft, all of them in the Outlook & Exchange teams, and

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