I might be too old for this…

But after getting a demo of facebook today, I created a profile. For someone who's been working on communications software for the last 9 years, it's about time.

There's a "Young Microsoft Employees" group, for "Microsoft employees under 30." In about 5 weeks I will be ineligible for membership, so if I'm going to join, I'd better do it quickly. Do you get kicked out once you get over the hill?

Since when is 29 so darn old, anyway? It started to hit me recently as I entered my 9th year at Microsoft that holy cow, I'm not the same person I was ten years ago. I feel stuck between two generations... the older generation that doesn't "get this whole blogging thing" and is shocked that you can reverse lookup an address by a phone number on google, and the younger generation that's living every minute of their lives in an anonymously accessible, completely recorded forum. I keep in touch with my college friends via IRC... at least it's not via snail mail!

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  1. Frank says:

    Well feel better, I haven’t seen 30 in 27 years.   Microsoft wasn’t even a gleam in Bill’s eye when I got into this field.

    Of course, when it comes to Windows, I am just knowledge enough to be dangerous.  But MVS, is another issue altogether.

    From one dinasour to a younger one.    😉

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