Funny how things go…

A while ago, I mentioned that I am now the User Experience manager for Exchange, over the design & usability teams. One of the things my team does is run focus groups and usability studies, and we ran a focus group with eight IT pros/exchange admins in December to explore some of the areas we're considering investing in for the next release of Exchange. 

I wasn't able to participate that day because I was on vacation, but the sessions are recorded on video and I was just catching up on some of the videos... during a discussion with the participants about what resources they use to learn more about various products, someone mentioned my blog! I just thought that was hilarious.

Thanks, dude. 🙂

And while I'm at it... please sign up for the usability database. You don't have to be in redmond - we use this database for finding participants for surveys as well as remote usability studies as well. See the enrollment links on the left-hand navigation bar. Plus you get free stuff for participating. We need IT professionals, end users and developers - and it's not just for Exchange, but for all of Microsoft. Highly recommended.

And if we end up running a study with anyone who got a pointer to the database through my blog, then I'll give you one of our awesome E2K7 beta2 tshirts :-)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the reply KC! I did some more reading last night and have decided that I am just going to have to go with Exchange 2003 (the server in question is dual Xeon PIII 700mhz w/4GB RAM… so no 64 bit support). Exchange 2007 looks awesome, but we just don’t have the hardware for it right now. This is a very low budget operation around here (all of the servers I have to work with were donated and are not very new). For what we will be doing Exchange 2003 should be more than enough… but I know you guys did a lot of cool stuff with 2007 that I am going to miss out on! (this will be my first Exchange server… so I guess I won’t really know what I’m missing). Hopefully I can get some good fund-raisers going this spring/summer so I can get some new toys! Fortunately it is not as difficult for us to stay on the cutting edge with software since Microsoft’s non-profit/educational pricing is soooo great!

    Thanks again KC… keep up the great work!    ~Robert

  2. Thanks Robert! Yes, we are serious. If you have a problem with the server and call PSS they will not help you if it’s 32bit. Setup will also warn you if you install 32bit that it’s not supported for production. There are a couple of scenarios where 32bit is OK but they are around management tools, not server role deployment. Note that if you have a machine bought in the last 18-24m, the CPU may actually be a 64bit CPU, even if the machine is running a 32bit OS. It’s not even possible to buy 32bit machines new anymore, and hasn’t been for a while.

    See for more information.

  3. Robert K. says:

    I like your blog. I ran across it researching the problems I am having installing Exchange 2007 Standard. But, I did not realize until today that 2007 is not intended for a 32 bit server (not in production anyway). Is that just a recommendation, or are y’all serious about that? We are just a small church and will not be taxing the server very much at all with the stuff we do (50 users, doing just the basics). Are we asking for trouble running the 32bit 2007 on an older server (4GB of RAM) that is 32 bit?

    I know this probably isn’t the kind of question you want to get here… but your blog just seemed so friendly and inviting 😉

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