The danger of multiple geeks in one household

An old story I was reminded of today between me and my husband: 

Me: "Can you think of a reason why my machine would out of nowhere today say that it doesn't have a sound card installed?"

Him: "Yeah, I removed your sound card. I needed the firewire."

Me: "Were you planning on telling me about this?"

Him: "Yeah."

I'm half-inclined to come up with a reason why I need something out of his machine, let's see how he likes me gettin' all frankenstein on him, eh?!?

Then he gave me the instructions on how to find the driver for the one on my motherboard: "Google Dell SC400 FAQ and you'll see a link to a forum post that has a link to the FAQ in it. In that FAQ is a link to the driver you need."

Said a friend in a two-geek household, upon hearing this story: "That's why [wife] has a laptop. It's hard for me to steal bits from it."

Comments (3)

  1. The ol’ burning-mid-swallow comment, eh? That’s practically the highest honor a blogger can receive! Thanks. 🙂

  2. Omar Shahine says:

    I was drinking tea when I started reading this post. Now my throat is burned cause I laughed mid swallow. Thanks.

  3. Jill Foster says:

    I wasn’t drinking anything but a hearty chuckle your post did evoke (…goin’ for Yoda talk there).  So good.  The IT couples I interview have shared similar stories (I’m producing a video series/documentary on what it’s like living with very computer savvy people).  I’d love to talk with you and your husband via phone; or if having our conversation recorded creeps you out, some folks respond to select questions (as in seven) via email.  I’m glad to email more info or those if you’re ever game.  Thx for sharing on your dual-geek home!  -Jill F.

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