Sort data in Excel in "High, Medium, Low" order

Occasionally I have data that looks like this, sorted on the “Value” column: It’s always annoyed me that Excel couldn’t read my mind and figure out that I wanted to sort them in “High, Medium, Low” order. Recently I found out that it is possible to do this by creating a “Custom List” in excel:…


Joel Spolsky’s latest article

Is a nice read, covering a lot of interesting topics, some of the more meaningful points as I see them: The most valuable course he ever took was the one he dropped after one lecture. It was valuable because it convinced him he shouldn’t go to grad school for CS. I had a similar experience…


Get text pasted into Word/Outlook to format properly

If you’re like me and do a lot of copying content from other applications into Word and Outlook, you’re probably very accustomed to using the paste smarttag to choose whether or not to use the source or destination formatting on paste. If you’re tired of constantly switching it and want it to use the right defaults,…


Happy holidays

For my family, that means: (it’s a silverlight app that lights one candle per night) Thanks, Synergist!


A note to my good friend Paul

Next time you invite someone out of the blue to “help out with a demo of video conferencing”, make clear that it’s in front of a live audience first thing. 🙂 Hope I didn’t scandalize them too much. And if any of my readers are from that Atlanta show – exchange rocks! Go deploy 🙂


How ego surfing changes over time

It started out simple, really – just on dejanews, as a way of finding out what conversations I’ve been missing that I really should participate in. Then later as more websites sprung up, it started to become a passing fancy – who’s referenced my name? Who basks in my awesomeness? Eventually the obsession began, the technologies…


How to get rid of that *@#$@#$ annoying language bar in XP

It is a testament to the intransigence of the human spirit that for the last 6 years of my life I have right clicked on that little icon on my taskbar and chosen to remove the “Language Bar” from the taskbar, only to have it pop back up at some later point for some unknown…


In the spirit…

These are pretty funny. And while I’m at it, here is the Coolest. Costume. Ever. And it just so happened to be on my kid: She was quite a hit. More than once a random person in the hallway stopped to take a picture of her. And for a nice change of pace as compared…



I am thinking there’s a lot of comedic potential here, for exchange geeks like me at least. 🙂


New career site

Various teams across the company have created what are called ‘microsites’ aimed at recruiting, telling potential candidates what it’s like to join Exchange.[3] We did one too, as we announced on the blog. I am a huuuuge fan of our site (ok I helped a little in developing it) because I think it displays the…