Show the count of all items in a folder in Outlook, not just unread

For certain types of folders, you may find it useful to have the folder list display the total number of items in the folder, not just the unread items (which it does by default). For example, I set this on some folders that contain messages to certain distribution lists, where there will always be threads…


Surprise your users with an April Fool’s Day OWA 2003 theme

Customizing OWA themes is quite simple to do. Here’s an example of a theme I just put together, I call it “MOOWA”: The fun part about this theme isn’t so much the graphics as the sounds: included are a “mooooooooo” for the new mail sound as well as a cowbell[1] for the reminder sound. For…


Amazing chalk art

These are so cool. [via Nino]

Someone at Amazon has a sense of humor

Check out the feature list for this cool Beaker doll: Features: The Beaker 18-inch Plush doll is a must for any fan of The Muppets. Perfect for the collector and a great gift to brighten one’s day. ‘Meep! Meep! Meep!’

Examples of how customer feedback shapes Exchange: Max Hop Count

I occasionally get requests for examples of how customer feedback changed something in Exchange. We live and breathe customer feedback, from individual devs/testers/pms up to our VP, but it’s probably not obvious unless you’re a member of the group seeing the internal workings of how the feedback is integrated into the product. As someone who’s spent…


Where are all the women bloggers at?

(Just kiddin’ 🙂 I just bought a ticket to BlogHer ’06. Are any other softie bloggers or readers of softie blogs going? Leave a comment or trackback here if you want to get in touch. I’m also thinking about proposing a “Room of Her Own” topic – women tech bloggers? Creating & running a blog like…


Attention mathletes

This is fascinating. [Updated after Eric’s comment to add something dorky: I pulled out all of the numbers he used in his first blog post (excluding the code) and calculated the ratios of leading digits. My research found that 1 was the leading digit of the numbers mentioned 44% of the time, followed by 2 at…


Recipe for chicago-style stuffed pizza

I grew up in the Chicago area and one of the delicacies of my childhood is stuffed pizza. I know plenty of restaurants in Chicago who make a great stuffed pizza but I have yet to find it anywhere else. We found this recipe for making it at home (spinach stuffed pizza is my favorite…