I’ve got a feva, and the only cure is shipping Exchange 2007

We're very very close now. 🙂

More cowbell, baby!

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  1. Keith says:

    At the wife’s company’s holiday party, the band played a song and had a guy going to town on the cowbell.  I requested more.

  2. Peter Cranstone says:

    Hi KC,

    Probably not the right forum however I will try anyway. Do you know a shortcut for the following. Office 2007 – empty Junk Mail folder? Currently I have a button on the task bar that emptys the regular trash, is there a button for the Junk Mail folder?



  3. Artie says:

    How close is "very very close"?

  4. Peter Cranstone says:

    Thank you!

    Works like a champ.

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