Today is the third anniversary of my first blog post. A whole lot has happened (and been blogged) in those years, including events such as:

Side note: Sheesh, I've been in this job for 13 months. <wiping dust off shoulders> Seems like it's time for a change... 🙂

And yikes, looking at my "by month" archive, I used to post every single day. Have I run out of things to say, or time in which to say them?

Some of my favorite posts & most useful/popular tips and tricks from over the years:

Ahh, that was fun. Man, time flies.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As I hinted a few weeks ago , I’m changing jobs again. My last role change was over a year ago , that’s

  2. Anonymous says:

    We get an internal newsletter from KC every week talking about progress to date with Exchange 2007, customer…

  3. ankur says: runs thru really fast and when you look back, it feels like yesterday.

    I would like to thank you for building my interest in writting small hacks……. 🙂

    KC I am stuck in one of the excel hacks that I am working on and after lot of crooning I thought of taking your help on that.

    The macro pulls out the files from a specified folder and sends those files as an attachment to any mail address. but I am getting an error message "Run time error -‘-2147024894 (800700002) Automation error, the system cannot find the file specified."

    If you want I can email the code to u to look into. any guesses as why is it failing.

  4. Charlie on the PA Turnpike says:

    Thank you, KC… until I saw the list of tips and tricks, I hadn’t realized how many I use on a daily basis!  

    (‘attach’ warning, tasks from e-mail,  no ‘reply all’, links with spaces).    

    Raising a glass of (insert KC’s fav bev here> in your honor!

  5. Ankur – near as I can tell, that error is just as descriptive as it says… are you sure the files exist in the specified location and aren’t locked by some other app? One thing I do sometimes is try running the code in normal VB instead of VBA because it has better debugging tools in the IDE.

  6. cnschindler says:

    My favorite was the MOOWA Theme 🙂

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