That ain’t right

At lunch today, two guys I did not know sat at the other end of the table that myself and a coworker were eating at. At some point, I ended up overhearing part of their discussion, which went like this:

"So you know Star Trek, right? They have this alien race, called the Borg. The borg are half-human, half-computer. The borg goes around and when they meet another race, they assimilate the race into their collective."

It took all of my self restraint to not lean over and interrupt them to ask exactly what planet this other guy is from, that he has to explain freaking star trek to him in a Microsoft cafeteria!

That ain't right.

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  1. Anandi says:

    Oh dear, maybe I don’t belong @ MS 🙂  I have never watched an entire episode of Star Trek.  I just couldn’t deal with the bad science…  Congrats on the new role, by the way.  You’ve made me feel better about starting my 4th job in 4 years…  

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