Silence equals adoration?

Evan blogged today asking for feedback on the posts about systems management that have gone up on EHLO recently.

Anecdotally, it looks like the "# of comments per post" has gone down over time on EHLO and we're trying to figure out if this is a leading indicator of a problem we should be worried about. One possible cause is that we're talking too much about exchange 2007 and people want to hear more about the existing product - valid point, but also realize that we've been working on e2k7 for 3 years now and so we're pretty excited to be able to share it in all its glorious detail with you all :-). We do try to keep a mix of e2k3 posts in there too.

So please give us some feedback here... we're not hearing as much from our customers as we have in the past, and we need you to tell us if this is something we should worry about or not. Or if we should interpret lack of comments to mean that we're doing every single thing as perfectly as we possibly could... heck, who ever does that? 🙂 Or to put it more generically, what should we do differently on the blog? What should we change? What about the wiki, is that useful? We really want to hear from you.

Thanks folks.

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  1. Josh Maher says:

    Hey KC, there are a lot of very lengthy in-depth posts on ehlo lately.  The details are great and I know that they are helpful to a lot of people. You are also right about keeping the Exchange 2003 mix, there are still people on that version (and wishing they were on 2007 after reading the posts).

    There needs to be smaller posts that are more likely to allow feedback. People are busy and after reading five pages of an in-depth post, who has the time to comment? Re-dicsovering the posts on the site is also not easy (partially due to the inordinately LONG posts), so people can not easily come back and comment on a post. Lastly there is no "subscribe to the comments" this is a great feature that allows busy people to get an email if a MS employee responds to their comment etc.

    Again, I really like ehlo, the information is beyond helpful and is usually kept to information that is appropriate.

    #subscribe to comments Josh [dot] Maher [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Josh, and length is definitely something I’ve been thinking about myself too. You’re absolutely right we need to mix it up with more short things.

    As far as rediscovery goes, we’re limited by the blog software and server we use, but perhaps we could post every once in a while with a "best of…", would that help?

    For ‘subscribe to comments’, you can sign up for email notification of comments. The comments aren’t threaded, of course, so I think it’s all or nothing…

  3. nawaral says:

    I believe this is because  many of the new posts are exchange 2007 related and are long “ no complains from my side :)” , you are not getting the same level  of interaction as before for exchange 2003 blogs , either because professionals not having enough  time to play with the product yet or because they didn’t need this in depth knowledge at this stage, by time the current blogs will get more comments as people get a better exposure to Exchange 2007 and its great new features !

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