We threw up a wiki for beta 2 to experiment with the format (hooray for slaveintern labor!):

(it's named after the e12 icon, which we call "the ninja star")

Or if you insist on being boring,

If it ends up being a useful resource for the community, we'll see if we can keep it going after RTM. That will only happen if the community gets into it, however, so please go check it out, register, and edit a page to add your favorite tip, link to a blog entry with a useful tip in it, or ask a question.

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    KC blogged about a fantastic new tool that they’re playing with in the Exchange team.  The Wiki. …

  2. Josh Maher says:

    This is great, there seems to be a lot of powershell scripting posts lately, should people both submit them to the MS repository AND post them on the wiki…… or will you get some more handy dandy interns to help us out there ?

  3. The interns all disappear in the end of August, unfortunately. I’d say submit ’em to both, because i’d be surprised if we get our act together enough to synch up those sources before RTM. 🙂

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