Really, now… has a "last updated" of just a couple of weeks ago, June 3rd.

I mean really, is there that much that can be said about the firehose, that wasn't already said prior to June 3rd?

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  1. vdk2006 says:

    It is obvious that Wikipedia is not the sum of all wisdom e-mailed or faxed or otherwise sent from the heaven/space/whatever :-). It is written by people. Random people, in general. It might be that before June 3rd there was no article about the firehose in the Wikipedia. Or it might be that somebody just wanted to hyperlink to some other page. Or … well, enough guessing: there is a small link called ‘history’ (on a ‘tab’ near the page top) which will reveal to you what was changed on the page since its birth.

  2. I really need to stop trying to be funny.

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