I wish we were this cool

Vista is doing some really sweet stuff, visually... there's http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista which is just stunning, and now this ad on the front of microsoft.com which just kicks ass:

How cool is that? The answer: very.

I wrote an article for TechNet a few years ago called "Top Ten Tasks for New Exchange Administrators". I originally had 11, and I tried very hard to get the TechNet team to title the article "We turned it up to 11: Top 11 tasks for new exchange admins" but they wouldn't because "it won't localize well".

Even the graphic on MSDN's vista site about getting the beta is cool:

I promise, we really are cool... it's just hard to convince the powers that be that you can be cool and still be a professional-grade server app, and that IT professionals won't think less of the product if we try to make any jokes or pop-culture references in our documentation or any official communication.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Serendipity is at it again.

    A week ago I was looking at art in Paris. My mate Barry from MCS…

  2. Tim Allen says:

    Interesting post… I can especially understand your frustration following the James Bond 007 / Exchange 2007 pop reference which so many people took seriously in the comments on this blog a short while ago.

    I had an experience similar to your “top 11…” suggestion which was recently shot down, when I proposed that the messaging group within my organization change its slogan to:

    “pushing the envelope” naturally, the powers that be hated it, despite my understanding that that phrase means “on the cutting edge”… “pushing the envelope”, so far as I can tell, is really one of those phrases that people use in all sorts of different contexts, without much regard to its meaning, thus, the meaning is lost.

    I really think that the coolest thing about exchange admins is that we have this sort of subculture – one whose coolness factor cannot be easily interpreted by those on the outside. What’s funny about “You had me at EHLO”? I’d bet money that 99.999% of the population thinks the joke is that we can’t type  🙂

  3. Christan Schindler says:

    KC, I confirm that the exchange team is *really* cool. Sometimes it’s not the public stuff that makes you cool… 🙂 Sometimes it’s "under the hood". Hey! You are the first to take advantage of Powershell. I think cool is the wrong word for that – that’s awesome!

  4. KC Lemson says:

    Christian – hey, thanks! That means a lot to me, I am quite serious.

    Tim – I like that phrase, hrmmm maybe I’ll do a new t-shirt logo for EHLO with that on it 🙂 I really enjoy the geek factor of the EHLO joke too. Another one we considered when we were thinking up names for the blog was "House of Queues", although we nixed it due to the negative connotation, I still think it’s funny.

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