A geek’s freudian slip

At lunch the other day, someone asked me how far along I was, and I said "three weeks until RTM" without even thinking about it.


I mean, I've joked along those lines before, about ha-ha it's our product named Lemson 2005 or our second "service pack", but I'd never actually used geek terminology to refer to pregnancy/birth unintentionally before.

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  1. Steve Hiner says:

    This is the announcement I sent out when we found out my wife was pregant with our third child.


    In honor of Father’s Day we are pleased to announce our latest product, Hiner 3.0. Everyone here at the Hiner corporation is excited with this recent commitment to a new product. We established a corporate goal of starting a new product a short while ago but we weren’t at liberty to make the information public until now. Based on your previous contact with our corporation we determined that you wanted to be notified about future developments. If you want to be removed from our mailing list please notify us immediately.

    The Hiner 3.0 product is a collaboration between the CEO and the CFO (Chief Family Officer). The CEO was involved in all design meetings but is not participating in the actual development. He will, however, be closely monitoring the project progress and will be acting as project manager for the duration of development.

    This new product is not in any way, shape or form to be considered an upgrade to Hiner 1.0 or 2.0. It is being developed using the same code base but it is intended to be an independant new product with a slightly different feature set than either 1.0 or 2.0. We haven’t yet determined if the new product will more closely resemble the 1.0 product or the 2.0 product. I believe the decision has been made but I’m not yet aware of the outcome. You will certainly be informed of that decision at the time we ship the product if not before.

    Hiner 3.0 has already been in development for several weeks and is scheduled to ship February 25th, 2005. Historically we have shipped approximately 6 to 7 days after our scheduled ship date so please take that into account as you make any future plans for our product.

    We will be accepting applications for beta and quality assurance testing near the end of February. We will conduct most of the testing in-house but there may be some need for outside testing. Extra consideration will be given to candidates willing to perform concurrent testing with Hiner 1.0 and 2.0. We are especially interested in interoperability and compatibility testing for the entire Hiner product line. Unlike many beta tests we will not be allowing any testers to keep the product once the testing is complete. We require all testers to return our products promptly at the conclusion of testing.

    We hope you are all as excited as we are about this latest development at the Hiner corporation!


    We found out months later that she was actually carrying Hiner 3.0 and 4.0. (Or maybe they should be 3.0a and 3.0b)

  2. saraford says:

    Wow, that’s scary. I remember when i fractured my rib back in April and said that my karate exam had slipped, as in i wasn’t going to be able to take the test. I looked really dumb in front of my non-geek friends.

    When we start having kids, i’ll have to see if i start saying those sort of things. =)

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