Geek homophones

I was in a meeting a while back where an architect was relaying an experience he'd had with a problem with phishing, where he had two databases and needed to synchronize data between the two, and whether or not we should use a surrogate key. Everyone in the room nodded along until he got to the end of the story, and we all realized he was talking about fishing databases.

In college, a friend of mine went to ticketmaster to buy some tickets for a Pearl Jam concert. He spent a few frustrated minutes searching the site, unable to find the information although he knew they were coming to town. Then he realized his mistake: He'd been searching for 'perl jam'.

Comments (2)

  1. Keith Garner says:

    Hooray, I got a shout out!

  2. Scharff says:

    We had a woman in our office named Pearl and I was consistently typing Perl instead. I came pretty close to just changing the display name on her e-mail account to compensate for the horrible spelling chosen by her parents. <g>

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