Can’t erase ink while using My Font Tool for Tablet PC?

Has anyone seen this before? I'm using the My Font Tool for Tablet PC
power toy, and I can't erase any ink I write in the letters. It just
draws more ink on the top when I use the eraser side of the pen.
Erasing works fine in onenote. What am I missing? <scratching

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  1. William Luu says:

    Hi KC, it’s much the same for me as well. I can’t erase with the eraser side of my pen either (I’m using a Toshiba Portege m200).

    You have to click on the eraser button in order to erase any ink. (This works for me).

    I guess you can classify it as a bug 😛

  2. gerrard says:

    Use the eraser icon in the toolbar. Inconsisten UI sucks, but the app is still cool ;).

  3. Karan Mavai says:

    You’re right KC … it doesn’t detect the pen’s eraser when I flip mine around. You actually have to select the eraser tool in order to erase.

    Maybe you can drop the dev that created it a note and ask him to update it 😉

  4. (the sound of KC going ‘ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ is heard) 🙂 thanks!

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