Choosing a product name, part deux

Jonathan blogged a while back about choosing a product name. Well, it appears that David and I will have to do something similar later this year, and I daresay our challenge is even more daunting, since when have you ever had to worry about how your product name sounds when it's yelled down the stairs, or if it rhymes with an insult that is in a six year old's vocabulary?

And if I might take a moment at this time to offer some advice to anyone who works with or interacts with a pregnant woman:

  1. Never, ever, ever use the expression "ready to pop", as in "You look about ready to pop!". Nothing good can come of this. If you must say something, say "You look awfully uncomfortable, poor thing, here let me rub your feet for you, why don't you go take the rest of the day off and take a nap?". This is an especially good thing to say if you happen to be this woman's manager.
  2. If she wears a red shirt, don't tell her she looks like a cherry.
  3. If she wears a purple shirt, don't tell her she looks like a grape.
  4. In fact, don't compare her to fruit at all.
  5. Once she's pregnant enough that it's obvious it's pregnancy, chances are that everywhere she goes, someone asks her "When are you due? Is it a boy or a girl?". Chances are she's tired of answering those questions. And did you really care about the answer anyway, or were you just making conversation?
  6. Pregnant women have all those hormones and stuff flying around their bodies, so they tend to be a little snippy and cranky and make lists of what not to do. Understand that this is just a phase, and deal with it.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Today is a big day for me. Today, I have

    been a mother for two entire years. Plus, by a strange coincidence,…

  2. Brian Duff says:

    Congratulations KC 🙂

    [For some reason now, I can’t think of anything to say that doesn’t involve fruit. So many potential colors of shirt… ;)]

  3. Larry Osterman says:

    WHOOT! Congrats KC! That’s AWESOME!

  4. Jonathan Hardwick says:

    There’s a joke in here somewhere about not slipping this product ship date, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…

    Congratulations 🙂

  5. Don Newman says:

    My wife quite agreed with your list. One item she insists you add is that if a person sees a pregnant woman that they may or may not know, do not ask to touch her belly and, more importantly, do not touch her belly without asking either. Also, it is not lucky to rub a pregnant lady’s belly unless you ave unlucky fingers you would like to lose.

  6. Steven Presley says:


  7. Charlie on the Pennsylvania Turnpike says:

    It’s been my experience to limit conversation (outside of work issues) to simple questions or statements, as in ‘how are you feeling?’ or ‘you’re looking in good spirits today’…

    It’s just safer that way.

    Congrats on your blessing. And speaking as a father of two, what the ‘Conventional Wisdom’ says on how ‘two are as easy as one’: well, (snicker) Yep, it is (guffaw) No, really… (grinning, ducking running)

  8. Amanda Murphy says:

    AWESOME!! Congrads – and thanks for making me almost die laughing here reading your tips. I will definitely try to avoid fruit comparisons in the future no matter how tempting they may be.

  9. Elizabeth Grigg says:

    Yay!!! Want any stuff? Exersaucer? Sit and Stroll? Pack and Play? Can’t say any of this stuff with a straight face –

  10. Benjamin Mateos says:

    Whow !!!!

    Congratulations !

    I a few months, you are going to be really busy with two young persons.

    Saludos desde España.


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