I suppose technically this would be a meme

While shopping for trains for a gift for my son (I think we’ve settled on this one – what do you think, isn’t it nice?), I was bored enough that I started wondering what nuggets http://www.tinyurl.com had hidden behind its random letters and whether or not this form of spelunking could teach me anything about…


Am I the only person…

Who regularly types “HEPA” instead of “HIPAA”? I can’t help it, I’ve lived with HEPA a lot longer. It is more than a tad embarrassing when you do it in email to a guy who lives and breathes such things though.


Say hello

to Audrey Julia Lemson, who joined our family this morning at 12:28 AM, weighing 8 lbs 12oz and measuring 20.5″ tall.


Pregnant geeks

A few years ago I lost a lot of weight, and I found that “The Hacker’s Diet” was a very useful tool for me in that process, it applied geeky skills to the weightloss process and it Just Made Sense. For example, it used moving averages to distill the trend in weightloss from a minor…


A geek’s freudian slip

At lunch the other day, someone asked me how far along I was, and I said “three weeks until RTM” without even thinking about it. Oops. I mean, I’ve joked along those lines before, about ha-ha it’s our product named Lemson 2005 or our second “service pack”, but I’d never actually used geek terminology to…


I wish I could say I’ll start posting more frequently soon…

But that wouldn’t be very realistic of me, now would it? In a few days I will have what them fancy doctor-types call “a full term baby” inside me, in addition to a full time job and a full-energy toddler. I’ll be on maternity leave for November, December and January. So consider yourself warned that…


A free CHM compiler

I was pointed at this by the MSHelp MVP Lead, it’s a sweet little freeware app, works great. Within about 90 seconds of starting it, I had compiled my first CHM: http://www.vizacc.com/ And they also have a blog, pretty nifty.


Back on the wagon

It was only nine months ago that I blogged about a career change, and here I am again, blogging about how I changed jobs. Normally if I saw someone skip through jobs as quickly as I’ve been doing in the last two years, I’d wonder about their work ethic, but I swear, every move has been…