A different kind of red vs blue.

This is pretty interesting. Gotta love the internet and geeks with spare time.


Convert windows movie maker’s DV Type-1 to Type-2

I swap back and forth between Windows Movie Maker & Pinnacle Studio 8 for video editing depending on my editing needs and mood. Movie Maker is nice because it’s on every machine I use, so I will often capture the video on one machine but edit it on another. One problem with this is that…


Halo 2 skin for Windows Media Player

I’m not a huge fan of skins myself, but I have to admit that this one that Sean Alexander pointed at is pretty cute: Sean also points at the first song of the Halo 2 soundtrack.


Sophie’s choice in software development

I just stumbled on this little bit of history and was so fascinated that I wanted to share: “Excel behaves as if the date 1900-Feb-29 existed.  It did not.  The year 1900 was not a leap year (the year 2000 is a leap year).  In Excel, the day after 1900-Feb-28 is 1900-Feb-29.  In reality, the…


A release manager’s bag of tricks

So, like I mentioned a while back, I’m now a professional bean counter[1]. And as a release manager, I need to find scalable ways of keeping track of the work that several hundred program managers, developers, testers and writers on the Exchange team are doing. The trick is that I can’t afford to get too…


“Be a beacon”

Around two years ago, I put Sneakers into my netflix queue. Now I am happy to say that they finally have a release date for the DVD: December 2004!


I don’t get it.

I’m looking forward to playing Halo 2 as much as the next guy, but oddly enough I didn’t feel the need to have it The Day Of and especially not The Midnight Of The Day Of. I ordered it online and it should be here friday or monday. I love the game and am really…


Those microsoft bloggers talk about the future too much!

I’m so tired of hearing that “microsoft bloggers talk about the future too much.” There’s a whole bunch of people blogging about current technologies right now – so let’s stop disrespecting them by pretending that they are a meaningless minority, and instead figure out ways to promote them. Obviously that work is already in progress…