Repairing a network connection in XP SP2

XP SP2 makes me feel so much more confident about the 'repair' option, when you're having trouble getting network connectivity (particularly with often-flaky wireless networks). Pre-SP2, clicking repair never did anything for me, my usual troubleshooting steps were to manually disable/enable the connetoid, renew the IP, flip the hardware switch, reboot the box, etc.  

In XP SP2 right now, however, I am running a repair and it is so kindly telling me exactly what it's doing - which is the same steps I used to take, disabling/enabling, renewing IP, etc.

Even if it used to do the same things pre-SP2 and the only difference now is that it's telling me about it, I just didn't have faith in it pre-SP2.

Not that it worked... I still can't get on the wireless network for some reason. But I just feel better about the OS's capabilities here.

It's funny how emotion and software can be so intermingled.

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  1. Scott says:

    See, mine doesn’t tell me squat (XP Home) and yesterday when I clicked "Repair" the dialog box came up and told me it had sucessfully repaired my connection but only left me with a "Cancel" button that did nothing when pressed. So I couldn’t get rid of the dialog box and my network connection wasn’t working. This was my RJ-45 connection, not a wireless one either.

    Today the repair worked fine. It’s the little flakey things that erode my confidance in the OS.

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