Can’t open embedded messages, no “Message” form in standard forms library

I got myself into a bad state a while back where I was unable to open messages attached to other items. It happened while I was monkeying around with this custom form which adds a column to the view. I don't remember exactly how I got into the bad state, but I learned a few things while troubleshooting it and eventually resolving it.

  1. The first thing I did according to the instructions in this post was to create the SCL.CFG file and put it program files\microsoft office\office11\forms\1033.

  2. At some point after this, I started getting the following error when opening embedded messages: “The form required to view this message cannot be displayed. Contact your administrator”. 

  3. I went to Tools | Options | Other | Advanced | Custom Forms | Manage Forms and removed the SCL Extension Form

  4. From that same dialog, I also cleared the forms cache (“Clear Cache“)

  5. I restarted Outlook, but the problem kept happening

  6. I removed SCL.CFG from the directory in step 1 above, cleared the forms cache again and restarted Outlook

The last step resolved the problem. I inquired as to why, and learned that Outlook will automatically go through and re-register every form in that directory.

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  1. Karan says:

    Thanks for the tip KC. I was wondering why this was happening on my laptop and I had also added the SCL column after installing IMF in our environment.

    Question for you though … were you able to reuse it or do you know if there is an updated working version for the SCL.cfg?

  2. KC Lemson says:

    I was able to reuse it. I don’t think the problem is with the CFG itself. The bad state I got into was because I was monkeying around severely with the forms registration and custom views… if i’d just stuck with the simple case of adding the column to the view (which worked fine for several months), I don’t think I would have hit this problem.

  3. Peter Suba says:

    We were having similar problems, also the error message You describe, but similarly we have a custom developed forms-based ticketing application, and as I was developing new features+bugfixes, I suddenly relalized that Outlook was opeing an (much) earlier version of the same form…

    What got me out each time was:

    – Clear the forms cache

    – (maybe change the size of the forms cache)

    – Restart Outlook

    After these steps Outlook was fine again.

    It looks like Outlook 2003’s form caching mechanism have some bugs in it (I trust You use this version as well).

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