How to stop the clicking sound when you click on a link in IE

By default, IE makes a clickety sound when you follow a link. It can get annoying after a while. Here's how you turn it off:

1. Open the control panl
2. Open the “Sounds and audio devices properties” applet
3. On the Sounds tab, scroll down to Windows Explorer | Start Navigation
4. On the Sounds drop-down, select None and OK out of the dialog

[Posting this for the benefit of future google searchers]

Comments (6)

  1. will says:

    In an irresistable Slashdot moment, I can’t help but observe that this month’s most popular way to avoid the annoying clicking sound in IE is to switch to Firefox. Have you tried it yet?

  2. Steve says:

    That’s one of the first things that I do when I rebuild a computer. The others (to name a few are): Display My Computer, IE, etc. on the desktop; View known extensions (what an horrific security hole that is), Disable Simple File Sharing, etc. etc.

  3. KC Lemson says:

    Will: Nope, I’ve been meaning to but haven’t gotten around to it. I’m actually fine with IE right now. I tried MyIE2 for a while but didn’t like it.

    Steve: Ditto (and the reason I posted this is that I’m setting up a new machine). It’s funny you mention it, actually, because I also started a note today to eventually blog what-all I do on a clean machine, what’s my must-have software, etc. I’m right there with you on the known extensions thing, that brings me back to my worm days.

  4. Greg Lambert says:

    Thank you…

    I’ve looked there but can never seem to find the right event. (I’m always looking for something IE related and skip over everything else…).

  5. EAW says:


    I haven’t tried My2IE, but I use Avant Browser (, another shell for IE.

    I love it, as long as you turn off all the extra button except Close and Restore

  6. Ice says:

    Yeah, but how do I get the clicking sound in Firefox???

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