The MSDN product feedback center – What about Exchange?

Many others have blogged about it. One of the comments in Scoble's entry asked if other products like Windows & IE would be using it. I can't speak for those products, but I can tell you that in the job I just left a couple of weeks ago as the Exchange communities program manager, one of my goals was to work with the feedback center team to support Exchange - eventually. So whoever takes over that role will be working on that.

I don't think it will happen any time soon, however... it's a very new thing and the team that owns it needs time to make sure it's working for a small number of products before they extend it too far. Plus, different products with different customer bases or organizational structures may have different requirements of the system which take time to prioritize, implement, test, etc. But either way, it's only a good thing for the company and our customers.

It's also a great thing on our side of the equation too, because this way we can get a more statistically relevant feel for what are the biggest pain points or feature requests. Some of them are obviously commonly requested features, like this one. But once you get past the top 5 or 10, it's a complex and error-prone process to accurately prioritize one fix or feature over another. Having the 'votes' from the feedback center will be a huge help.

Wow, did I just promise something in public? And I'm not even the person to make it happen anymore. OK that's not true, I'm so passionate about it that I'll make it happen regardless of what I work on :-).

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  1. Delphi7 says:

    Yeah – We want Exchange Express

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