If only I weren’t a stupid user

Josh reminded me that you can post comments via RSSBandit and so I gave it a whirl on my own post. All I can say is: supa sweet.

Munish pointed out in the comments on that post that the latest build of RSSBandit is, not as Help | About reported to me. The odd thing was, I had saved in my temp directory from my installation attempt last night. So I smacked my forehead, what with my aborted attempts at installing it last night, I must have still been running the older version.

Now that I am actually running, I should correct myself. I am very pleased by the changes since the 90 build.

Several of the small UI quirks I mentioned have now been addressed. Apparently I'm not the only person anal enough to be bothered by the title of the Options dialog being Preferences. I was pleased to find that F1 opened up help... but interestingly enough, I don't see a way in the UI to get to the help that F1 brings up! The Help | Online Doc option goes to the website.

And the best of all is <drum roll>... left clicking on a link opens my default browser! The option that used to previously control the behavior for right click | open in new window now controls left click. HUZZAHs all around!

I'm still stuck with delete being a no-op, which bugs me a significant amount. But I opened a DCR (the URL is conveniently accessible from the Help menu, although it opens in a blasted tab :-).

I don't think I'll stop using Newsgator. The Outlook integration is just killer for certain types of feeds that I read. But I'm definitely warming up to el bandito.

[Update 9:48PM] HOLY COW. In addition to showing the comments as sub-items in the view, RSSBandit also expanded the trackback to my previous post. Although... it's not working for other trackbacks that I can see... but still, the potential is making me excited. Time to go lay down.

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  1. William Bartholomew says:

    RSSBandit is great, and the comments integration is it’s best feature IMHO. But, on every version I’ve tried it seems to get caught up on certain feeds doing the refresh so it never downloads new items for my other feeds. I ended up switching to BlogLines (http://www.bloglines.com) for reading RSS feeds online, it has some great features:

    1. Can check them from home and work and what I’ve read is synchronised

    2. No software to install

    3. You can set up a BlogLines email address and get newsletters and mailing list emails sent to it and they get turned into items in the BlogLines interface just as if they were RSS feeds

    4. I believe it can also monitor for web site changes as if they were feeds

  2. Wesley Peace says:

    Another cool feature I found. Try right-clicking on a Feed link in IE (or even RssBandit for that matter), notice the option at the bottom "subscribe in default aggregator."

  3. jledgard@microsoft.com (josh ledgard) says:

    The other nice thing about sending comments from RSS Bandit is that they get put into a "Sent Items" directory. I use it to keep track of items I’ve commented on since no blog engines have good comment notification support yet.

    I’ll also second one of the other comments that the FTP sync feature is great. This way I can sync between work and home machines for RSS reading.

  4. mearls@hotmail.com (Michael Earls) says:

    Hey! I was first! Josh just wrote more clearly… 😉

  5. Dare Obasanjo says:

    We’ll be adding support for deleting items in the next version. I’m glad v1.2.0.114 fixed the various usability issues you complained about.

  6. Munish Gupta says:

    If you haven’t seen this already, then this should make you feel even better about trying RSSBandit 🙂


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