Turn your event logs into in an RSS feed

Greg did this over a year ago, but I just stumbled on it now. Pretty neat:

You can specify in the URL how many entries to return, and which logs to use. For example, http://example.org/Rss.aspx?num=20&logs=Application,System would return the 20 most recent entries, looking in both the Application and System event logs.

Download here - requires ASP.NET. If your server is on the internet rather than local, try it with my HTTP security samples to securely monitor the event log of the remote server - very handy for those hosting on remote, dedicated servers.

[Source: Bink, Greg]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    KC Lemson post about eventlogs to rss sounded interesting as it would be nice to sit and my desk and watch the eventlogs roll in as emails – I’d stand a better chance of catching errors before the problem got…

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