Lost in Translation

If you sound out my name (KC) into French and translate it back, you get the word “broken” (cassé). I was reminded of that while reading this great story:

Other hardware also went astray this week. We sent a shipment of handheld computers to Australia from our Hong Kong office. Deliveries aren't always as fast in that part of the world, but after two weeks, I was becoming rather unhappy with the courier company. We finally tracked the problem down to a customs team, and I stayed up late to give them a call.

The agent explained that the package was delayed for quarantine. This confused me a little, and I upped the pressure on him to release the items, explaining that we urgently needed them and that time was a factor. He wouldn't budge, calmly explaining that he was keeping them in the freezer. This threw me off. I paused before politely asking why on earth he would be keeping them in the freezer. Then he explained that all soft fruit, including my "blackberries," had to be held in cold storage until all quarantine forms were completed. Had I provided the required grower information on the initial import documentation, he chastised, there wouldn't have been a delay.

[Via Ben]

Comments (3)

  1. denny says:

    OMG!!!! ROTF!!!!

    SO if you chill them do they now run faster???

    Super Berrys ??

  2. Jim Moore says:

    Can’t resist this, no matter how hard I try: Are they now Blue Berries?

  3. John Gibbs says:

    Would they survive two weeks in a freezer? Hmm, I’m guessing they’re more like broken berr.. er, I mean cassé berries :).

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