The permissions tab on my calendar folder is missing

If you’re using Outlook against an Exchange server, you can share folders between users. This can be done via a few different UI entrypoints – you could go to Tools | Options | Delegates and add a user, or you could right click on a folder and choose Permissions. The target user (‘delegate’) can then open that folder via File | Open Other User’s Folder, or also via OWA by entering in the direct URL to the calendar – http://server/exchange/myboss/calendar.

What to do, however, if the permissions tab on the calendar folder is missing? I ran into this earlier this week, and some Outlook MVPs clued me in. 

A couple of things to check:

  • Make sure you’re in online mode first. In versions of Outlook before 2003 this was fairly obvious, but with cached mode it’s a little more tricky because while in cached mode, Outlook might place you in offline mode without explicit action on your part. Look at the File menu and make sure the “Work Offline“ option is not checked (Robert Sparnaaij)

  • Go to Tools | Options | Other | Advanced Options | Add-In Manager and make sure the Exchange Extensions ones are checked (Diane Poremsky)

In my case, my problem was the first one above. These folks are great.

Comments (5)

  1. Mike Dimmick says:

    Thanks! I just had this problem, then remembered your entry.

    I was actually online at the time (Outlook 2003 showing ‘Connected’), but had rebooted the Exchange server earlier on. Going into Offline mode then reconnecting sorted it out.

  2. Mike R. says:

    I’m trying to share a calendar out as a subfolder, much like your example "myboss/calendar". I can see it if we use webaccess is there anyway the delegated user can see this from the regular client. We don’t want to put the "myboss" folder below inbox, it’s a root folder just below ‘mailbox’. Thanks

  3. Morten Isaksen says:

    I have a bit of an off topic question.

    When I want to look at my bosses calendar I go to http://server/exchange/myboss/kalender – he use a Danish Outlook client but my other boss use an Enlish Outlook klient so here a have to go to http://server/exchange/myotherboss/calendar. Luckily for me we only use Danish and English software, so it only take two guesses.

    Is there any way to solve that problem? The answer: "Only use English software." does not count. 😉

  4. Bob Hyatt says:

    I work at a helpdesk, at the helpdesk have our own mailboxes but we also a helpdesk mailbox that we all share. The problem occurs with the helpdesk mailbox, mail will be open

    and noone takes ownership of who open the mail.

    is there away to track who opens the mail in the helpdesk exchange mailbox.

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