Geeky vanity license plates

Rick Schaut blogged about vanity plates recently, which reminded me of a few fun ones I've seen:

  • A friend from college had HTTP 80. He is actually the reason that David and I work at Microsoft and is currently a development manager in the Exchange team. I think he has it hanging up in his office.

  • A physics professor at college had PV NRT.

  • My parents' car that I drove in high school had NIN 678. This was in the early 90s. I used to get stopped in parking lots and at lights by other kids who would roll down their windows and yelling “NIN RULEZZZ, dude!!“

  • A friend of mine claims that she once almost hit a car with the license plate MICROSFT (or some very close variation). It was an old beater, so she didn't think anything of it, until she saw Bill Gates at the wheel. I don't know whether or not to really believe this story, but it is true that in Washington state, the license plate stays with the car.

Of course, for any geeky vanity plate, you need a good license plate holder.

Comments (10)

  1. TJ Fiske says:

    Mine is:

    54 4A 46

    Fastest read was 5 seconds. Takes most people several minutes

  2. Brendon says:

    Some people really love their work too. Back when I read Essential COM by Don Box I remember reading that he had a plate with "IUNKNWN". That is dedication.

  3. John Eddy says:

    IMIMC currently, recommended by a friend for my uncanny connection to the internet. I’ve been debating the future. I think 370455V is the forerunner. But that’s not exactly geeky.

  4. Scott says:

    My friend, a rabid Star Wars fan, had "SLAVE1". Another fan had "TREKKIE", I think he still does.

  5. Martin Blackstone says:

    Mine says EXXPLOR cause I drive an Explorer.

  6. edmundo posada says:

    here are two more geek license plate holders:

    and everyone’s favorite:

  7. John says:

    Absolutely bizarre … I was in the Redmond area on business several years ago and saw the MICROSFT plate (or, as you say, some derivation) while driving in traffic – I believe it was a maroonish clunker of a car, but I can’t be certain. I do, however, distinctly recall trying to negotiate my way through traffic in an attempt to see who was driving, alas to no avail. This is probably a good thing, as I would’ve come as a mighty shock to see Bill G. at the helm!

  8. Marc says:

    Last time I was down at UofI I remember seeing an Escort wagon parked outside of DCL with ‘RM RF 8’ on it.

  9. adam says:

    I always wanted a personal plate so I now have M 500 AMF (it was either that or change my name to S893 UOW which i didn’t particularly fancy)

    Last time I was at MS Campus in Reading, UK, I saw a land rover parked outside building 2 with the number plate X 80 X.. (I cant remember the last two characters :S)

  10. Brian says:

    One of the best ones I’ve seen was someone had a plate that said WYSIWYG on it. Rock on.


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