Corel’s subservient chicken

The babies in “Suite“ are great (but perhaps I'm biased there - maybe I've been hitting the bottle too much?). The “Feature Rich” one with Clippy is also fantastic.

Do they make me want to try the product? Well, no, but something tells me I'm not their target market. I still think it's an... interesting approach. Building buzz is nice and all, but at the end of the day, does it tell the person with the checkbook why you deserve their hard-earned cash? Of course, neither did the stupid “Great moments” ads for Office 2003. I think those things were like clippy - I have yet to find someone inside the company who liked either.

Also, there's a little * next to the bit about saving 63% over Microsoft Office, where if you squint you can see that it is comparing the upgrade price of their office suite ($149) to the full price of MS office ($399 for standard). I don't like it when anyone (including us) does that kind of thing.

[via MicrosoftMonitor]

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  1. G. Andrew Duthie says:

    Hmm…selling office products with profanity. Gosh, they’ve managed to be both offensive and unoriginal, all in one fell swoop.

    Color me unimpressed. Even if I was inclined to consider Corel’s products, this would turn me off.

  2. Anon says:

    Lighten up G, those made me laugh. Life’s too short to not have a bit of humour now and again – both in and out of business 🙂

    On the basis that they have a sense of humour they’ve at least got my attention long enough to trial their software. Who knows it might actually be quite good?

  3. Chris says:

    I guess I’m not the target market either. Those were some of the lamest, annoying clips I’ve watched in a long time.

  4. John Eddy says:

    Clippy – didn’t like.

    Office Great Moments… well… you can put me down as someone in the company who liked them. Kinda. Sorta. I think it is more that I understood them. And I didn’t dislike them.

    Scoble keeps saying that we should *show* the products in action in the ads. Which is just what I want to see on a commercial. Someone clicking the Bold button to bold some highlighted text (sarcasm alert.)

    Office applications aren’t exactly mind-bendingly exciting to see ‘in action.’ It’s not like watching the audi fly around corners, is it now. How would you show off Office features in a commercial? I’ve thought about it, and I keep coming up blank, but then, I’m not in advertising.

    Ok, I do kinda like the sports motif of the commercials.

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