Handy DNS lookup site

I just stumbled across http://www.dnsstuff.com, which is a handy site that gives you access to a bunch of functionality from one page:

  • Any DNS record

  • Reverse DNS lookup

  • DNS timing

  • Whois

  • Ping

  • Tracert

  • Spam database lookup (150+ DBs searched)

  • etc


Comments (6)

  1. Neal M says:

    Reverse DNS lookups are the best. I use the full version of NEOTRACE, but here is a link to free express version.


  2. Jon Galloway says:

    Cool. Bookmarked. I also like Netcraft’s stuff. For some bizarre reason, our network admins were blocking download.microsoft.com (what?!?!?!) which was a problem when we needed to download a service pack. I used Netcraft (http://uptime.netcraft.com/up/graph/?host=download.microsoft.com)
    to get the IP, set up a host file entry for download.microsoft.com (only the dns was blocked, not the IP… ?!?!?), and downloaded the service pack. Anyhow, Netcraft’s uptime graphs are cool, and it’s fun to see who’s running what.

  3. jan says:

    Nice link KC, thanks! Maybe you’ll find following link intresting too: http://www.dnsreport.com/

  4. Jeff Corey says:

    And of course, my personal favorite –


    It has most of these tools plus a small virus report area to keep current on the bad guys!


  5. adam says:

    http://www.checkdns.net is my favourite site for this stuff

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