And you thought clippy was controversial…

When you've been here for a while, you will eventually run across (or help create) a 'funny bug'. This many people all working together near the end of the ship cycle usually results in a variety of bugs to help let off steam in a creative way. The milk containers (one & two) are some examples from the past. There's even been at least one marriage proposal through our bug database (resolution: fixed).

One of my favorites is from the Office 2000 cycle. We were having a bug contest where the person who opened a certain bug number would get an award. So we were all watching the bug list pretty carefully to time our bug openings when it got close to hitting that number. Thus, many of us noticed a bug that was just 5 previous to the winning one:

“Kitten Assistant animation of licking herself is suggestive, maybe change it to licking some other area of her body.”

The suggested workaround: “maybe the assistant can lick a front paw so it doesn't pass lick his under-belly area”. The best part is that it wasn't even supposed to be a funny bug. Here's a highlight of the best comments:

===== Assigned by ** on 11/05/98 17:46:14 to ** =====
I think Rocky should do the same thing.
===== Edited by ** on 11/05/98 =====
Actually, we thought Rocky should drag his butt across the screen as if he were trying to itch a spot he can't reach.  Guess that's a different bug.
===== Assigned by ** on 11/05/98 19:10:22 to ** =====
My dog is always doing what Kitten's doing.   I think this is "By Design".
===== Assigned by ** on 11/05/98 19:28:56 to ** =====
Well your dog is cleaner than Rocky!
Although using this bug as cue maybe we can have Kitten put on a kitty diaper and have a dancing kitten version!
===== Resolved By Design by ** in on 11/06/98; AssignedTo = ** =====
===== Assigned by ** on 11/09/98 to ** =====
I know this bug may sound like a joke, it really isn't.
I'm not sure if it would be suggestive to anyone - but we did have to remove an animation from Office'97 because it was offensive to some culture - i wouldn't want to see this happen again.
Please review and if you agree with me - reactivate. Thanks
===== Assigned by ** on 11/13/98 to ** =====
TRUE we had to remove einstein from the J version of office because of some hand gesture.  I don't think this will offend anyone
though because all cats do this --not just links. And if you look really closely, it's licking its back.  I might mention though:  I believe this bug should get the bug of the year award.  Cool ass bug.  Surprised I didn't think of it 1st 🙂
===== Closed by ** on 11/13/98; AssignedTo = Closed =====

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What’s a bug? It’s an entry in a database holding things different people would like to change about a hunk of code. Whether a particular entry is relevant to your own work or not is another matter. Here’s a Microsoft…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Windows Office Assistants They are still there in the background, waiting to pounce.

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