Dreaming about work

... is never a good sign. Especially not as in the dream I had last night.

I dreamt that Scoble came to interview me for channel9, but rather than a real interview he decided to turn it into an “Apprentice”-like challenge. My goal was to get this couple to pay $300 for a pair of sunglasses. I narrowly pulled off a win by convincing them that they were worth $300 because they would make them look cool, like John Goodman did in Blues Brothers 2000.

All I can say to my subconscious is: huh?

Comments (8)

  1. John Eddy says:

    Everyone always says dreaming about work is bad. I disagree. You spend 40+ hours a week at work (ok, you work at microsoft, make that 60.) The majority of your week is spent there. It’s a major part of your mind. Its no big deal that you’re going to be dreaming about work as well. It is just logical sense.

    Now… dreaming about the Apprentice… *that* is where I’d be worried 🙂

  2. Robert Scoble says:

    Hmm, that gives me ideas for when I +do+ interview you! 🙂

  3. Roger Heim says:

    I’ve dreamt about jobs I haven’t worked at for years in fields as far removed from technology as you can get (restaurant business.)

    I’m still trying to figure out what my subconscious is trying to tell me.

  4. Jeremy C. Wright says:

    I used to dream about Risk games. All night Risk games.

    I’d win, of course (as in real life), but always feel exhausted after a good night’s sleep.

  5. John Eddy says:

    I should add that if you start *daydreaming* about work, then you should be worried 🙂

  6. Louis Parks says:

    I’ve done the work dreaming thing too…lately, though, I’ve taken to not sleeping, since I’m so consumed thinking about work.

  7. KIP says:

    ummm, I’d THOUGHT I’d seen your icon at Channel 9 a little too often lately!

  8. KC Lemson says:

    kip: I’ve been wondering how it tracks ‘online’ or not… because I tend to leave browser windows open all the time, if that’s all it is. I do try to log on each day to check out the new video, though. It’s funny, I work here, and yet I still had a good time watching the MSDN tour and oohing and ahhing at sitting in Sara Williams’ chair.

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