Shampoo-Banana [1]

UIUC's a pretty good school. I didn't get around to finishing my degree, but I have always been proud of the school's legacy:

[1] ”Shampoo Banana” is what students call Champaign-Urbana. “Chambana” is another version.
[2] She's in her 20s and married. Does she know that people still talk about her role in history?[4]
[3] I remember sitting in our
ACM offices in 96 or 97, watching a friend work on adding support for blocking banners to Mosaic.
[4] I will be so proud if
Jared ever does something this cool 🙂

Comments (6)

  1. Tavis Patterson says:


    Enjoy the blog….yeah go Fighting Illini! Transplanted Illini in Michigan!


  2. Jeff Corey says:

    I guess I would be dating myself by mentioning PLATO, which ran on the CYBER mainframes and was one of the first distributed WAN’s around. I loved those gas plasma displays.

    Jeff Corey

    Engineering Graduate (BSEE)

  3. KC Lemson says:

    Jeff: I remember using something called plato, but my friends tell me it was probably novanet, a descendant. This was around 96. It was pretty revolutionary even then though. I also had a chem class where we took tests on the web, not bad for 1996.

    UIUC also has the CAVE, and I took a class with George Francis where we got to play in that… now that was fun.

  4. Jeff Corey says:

    And how about Garcia’s Pizza? THE BEST!

    Jeff Corey

  5. Chris Boaz says:

    PapaDel’s beats them all..

  6. KC Lemson says:

    Jeff: Best within walking distance, I’ll give you that. Plus, they have "red pop" and uh, well, one of the managers at the time wasn’t too strict about giving it to friends of his under a certain age.

    But yeah, papadels is the best if you have a car 🙂

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